Testing Notifications

Here are some common steps to test sending and receiving notifications within your Adalo app!

There are many ways to test this depending on the setup and User flow within your app. Below is just one example of how this could be done but it's important to test multiple scenarios to ensure your users are receiving notifications.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

  • Set up 2 Users in your app for testing. One will be the sender and the other will be the receiver.

    • Notifications can only be triggered to another logged-in user, on another device.

      • ex: The Logged in User triggering the notification will not be able to receive the notification they triggered within the app.

  • Make sure you have the Request Notification Permission set up correctly within your app.

  • Publish the latest version of your app before testing.

  • Install the app on the device you are testing.

Test the Notification

  • Login Sending User on one device and Receiving User on a separate device.

    • One way to do this would be to have the Sender logged in on a desktop and the receiver logged in on a mobile device.

  • Ensure the User receiving the notification has accepted the Notification Permission after they have logged into the device.

  • Close the app on the device that will be receiving the notification.

  • Trigger the notification from the Sender to the Receiver.

    • ex: Trigger the notification from the Desktop User to the Mobile User.

  • Verify the Notification was received on the Receiving User's device.

Troubleshooting Notifications

We have a few requirements that we recommend you check to troubleshoot any notification issues.

A notification will only be sent if;

  1. You have created a build for an app (Android or iOS)

  2. The audience to send to exists (The users set to be the "recipient")

A notification will only be received if;

  1. The recipient has the app installed on their device.

  2. The recipient is logged in or has had activity in the app in the last two weeks to be considered active.

  3. The recipient has permissions allowed (notification permission).

  4. The recipient is not the user triggering the notification. I.e. the Logged in User is not triggering a notification to themselves.

If notifications are failing in iOS Native but not in Android, please delete your notifications Key in your Apple Developer account and push a new build.


If you need additional help setting up notifications, you can always ask in our community forum! Be sure to paste the link to this article in your post as well!

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