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Publishing Apps

Your step-by-step guides for publishing apps on Adalo.
No matter what platform you're looking to publish on, we have guided walkthroughs to take you from testing to production in no time!
To publish Native applications (on Apple App store & Google Play store) or to publish your app on a Custom Domain, you must be on a paid plan. Our trial plans do not offer native publishing or custom domain capability.

How can I distribute my Adalo Apps on a free plan?

On the free plan, you can publish both Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Web Apps, but they will have an Adalo Subdomain. Click on the Share option on the menu bar to share your Mobile PWAs & Web Apps.
Share button in Adalo Editor (top-right)
For Mobile PWAs, you can copy the link and share it with your users, or have them scan the QR code. For Web Apps, your app will be available on the Adalo Subdomain. To learn more about Web app publishing on a Free plan & Adalo Subdomains, please go to the Publishing Web Apps section.
How to copy Adalo PWA's link via Share