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You can use the Adalo Marketplace to add additional components to your app.

To explore the marketplace, click the plus button in the left toolbar, and then scroll down to the marketplace section and click the Explore Marketplace button.

Click the install button on any component to add it to your Adalo account. Once you've installed a component, it will be available to use on any app in your Adalo account.

To use an installed component, close the marketplace modal, and then click the plus button in the left toolbar, and scroll down to the Marketplace section. From there, click to expand the Installed section to see the components you've installed from the marketplace. Click and drag any of the components onto a screen in your app.

If you are interested in learning how to develop your own component, check out

Below you can find help articles on Marketplace components developed by Adalo:

Adalo does not maintain third-party components and, therefore, can't guarantee their performance.

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