Working with Forms

Working with Forms with an Airtable Database is about the same as when working with a standard database built in Adalo, but there are a few differences. Currently, sending attachments such as images or other files to a database in Airtable using a form is not supported at this time. When adding a form into your app on Adalo, many fields will automatically appear on your form that will need to be removed.

This includes: - Image properties - Attachment properties - id - Created Time - Relationship properties - Formulas

Update forms

Forms are the primary way your users can edit records in your app's database. Images and attachments cannot be add through forms when using an Airtable database, but you are able to update records that have them. As stated above, image fields must be removed from forms to work properly. If you find that updating these records is removing the images, you will want to make sure that your Endpoints are set up correctly. How to set up your endpoints is covered in the Connecting to Airtable help document.

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