Creating Screenshots for the App Store

Creating effective screenshots for the app stores is crucial for attracting potential users. Not only do these images provide a visual preview of your app, but they can also convey its main benefits, features, and user experience. Here's a step-by-step guide to create compelling screenshots for the app stores:


  1. Some screenshot sizes are required in order to submit your app for review.

  2. Screenshots have to be taken on a physical device using the Testflight version of your app.

  3. Apple provides required specifications in their Screenshot Reference Guide.

  4. Screenshots can only be changed when submitting a new app for review. You cannot edit existing screenshots as they may not reflect the current version of the app.


  1. Open app in Testflight. This needs to be done on an iPhone that meets the requirements in the Apple Screenshot Reference Guide.

  2. Take Screenshots that give users a visual preview of your app.

  3. Load screenshots to the Apple Store Connect Version of your app that you are wanting to submit for review.

Because the screenshot specifications for Apple are very specific, we recommend you do not edit or crop the screenshots as this will change the specs and render them unusable.

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