Build Error: Asset Validation Failed - Invalid App Store Icon

Build Error: "Asset validation failed (90717) Invalid App Store Icon. The App Store Icon in the asset catalogue in '' can't be transparent nor contain an alpha channel. (ID: 42a99cb2-fabe-4798-8f3e-30f9749b1578)"

This indicates that there is a problem with the transparency or alpha channel of an image asset, specifically the App Store Icon, within your project. This error prevents the successful validation and submission of your app to the App Store and will cause your build to fail.

Possible Causes:

  1. Alpha Channel Present: The image being used for the App Store Icon contains an active alpha channel, which is not allowed for this particular asset.

  2. Alpha Channel Misinterpretation: The image file may have an alpha channel marked as inactive, but it is actually still present.

  3. Misconfigured Export Settings: Incorrect export settings during image creation may lead to an alpha channel being included in the image.


  1. Check Alpha Channel Presence:

    1. Open the App Store Icon image file in an image editing software (e.g., Preview, Photoshop).

    2. Verify if the image has an alpha channel. In Preview, you can do this by going to the "Tools" menu and selecting "Show Inspector." Look for information related to alpha channel/transparency.

  2. Remove Alpha Channel Using Preview:

    1. Open the App Store Icon image in Preview.

    2. Go to the "File" menu and select "Export."

    3. Choose a supported image format (e.g., PNG).

    4. In the export dialog, ensure the "Alpha" option is unchecked or disabled.

    5. Save the exported image with a new name.

    6. Replace the old App Store Icon image in your project with the newly exported image.

  3. Ensure Transparency is Removed from Other Assets:

    1. Repeat the above steps for any other affected image assets, such as top shelf images, launch screens, and background layers.

    2. In particular, check the background layers of all images for transparency and remove the alpha channel if present.

  4. Use JPEG Format if Appropriate:

    1. If transparency is not crucial for your image, consider exporting it as a JPEG instead of PNG to ensure that no alpha channel is present.

    2. Open the image in an image editing software.

    3. Export the image as a JPEG, making sure to disable any options related to transparency or alpha channels.

  5. Revalidate and Resubmit:

    1. After making the necessary adjustments to your image assets, push a new build.

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