Adalo Resources

The Adalo API

How to connect other applications to your Adalo app using your App's API.
The Adalo API is available on paid Adalo plans.
You can use the Adalo API to trigger push notifications for native apps and access and change the data in your collections.
Developer documentation for the Adalo API is available here:
Your Adalo API has a rate limit of 5 requests per second. If you exceed this rate, you will receive a 429 status code and you will need to wait some time before the subsequent requests succeed. For more details, please check the developer documentation mentioned above.
To access your Adalo API key: 1) Left Nav of the editor click on the settings gear 2) Expand App Access 3) Click Generate API Key
4) You'll be able to delete your API Key and regenerate it.
You can also find your API key by clicking on the 3 dots next to any of your collection names and selecting <> API Documents. You will see your secret key in the cURL at the end after Bearer.
All requests to the Adalo API will need to contain the following two headers:
Authorization: Bearer [Your App's API Key]
Content-Type: application/json