You can use Zapier to connect your Adalo apps with over 1,500 other services and platforms like Slack, Google Sheets, Sendgrid, Twilio, Airtable, Hubspot, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, and Wordpress.
You can access it here:
In Zapier, every integration you make is called a Zap. Every Zap has two parts -- a Trigger and an Action.

You can set your Adalo app to be the Trigger.

This means that when ever a new record is added to a collection in your app's database, that will trigger something to happen in another platform. For example, you could create a Zap where every time a new Trip record is Added to your Trips collection, a new Card in Trello would be created automatically. In Zapier you can use the information in any of the properties about the Trip to populate information that is added to the Trello card, such as name and description.

You can also set your Adalo app to be the action.

So, in the reverse of the above example, you can specify that when a new Trello card is created, Zapier will automatically create a new Trip record in your Trips collection, and the Trip's properties can be populated by information from the Trello card. You can also have the action be to update an Adalo record rather than create a new one.
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