How to make the most of your Adalo App by connecting it to 5,000+ applications via Zapier

Before You Begin

  • Make sure you have an Adalo Account & are logged in.

  • Make sure you have a Zapier Account & are logged in.

  • The Adalo <> Zapier connection works for all Adalo & Zapier Subscriptions - even free!

  • You have your Adalo app & automation idea!


You can use Zapier to connect your Adalo apps with over 5,000 other services and platforms like Slack, Google Sheets, Sendgrid, Twilio, Airtable, Hubspot, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, and WordPress. The list of possible integrations can be found at Zapier <> Adalo.

In Zapier, every integration you make is called a Zap. Every Zap has two parts -- a Trigger and an Action.

Trigger is the condition on which the task will be performed.

Action is the task performed when condition is fulfilled.

Setting a Trigger

You can set your Adalo App to be the Trigger of the action.

This means that whenever a change happens to a collection in your Adalo App, it will trigger something to happen on another platform. For example, you could create a Zap where every time a new User record is added to your User collection (a new user signs up!), an email is sent to the new user welcoming them to the app.

Simple Zaps are not triggered by the Action taken on a screen/button -- they are triggered by the changes that happen to your database (your Adalo collection). See more in FAQs.

Zapier can use the information in your trigger (properties in your collection) or general information like date & time to populate your connected application.

There are two triggers that you can use from your Adalo App:

  1. New Record is Created in a Collection in your Adalo app

  2. Record is Updated in a Collection in your Adalo app

How to Discover Zapier from within Adalo

To reach your Zapier account directly from within Adalo, you can add a new integration at any stage using component or screen actions:

Clicking on any one of the services (platforms or apps you want to connect your Adalo app to) will open a list of templates you can use to automate simple tasks in your business. You can use these templates or start one from scratch!

Once you click on the same, you will be redirected to a new tab within Zapier. If you are not logged in, Zapier will need you to log in or create an account.

Be sure to choose the correct Adalo account that your app is in!

You can follow Zapier's Helpdocs to set up your automation Zap, including selecting the Adalo Account, Adalo App & Adalo Collection which will be the trigger for your automation.

The collection that you use to trigger your Zap should have at least 1 record for Zapier to test the Trigger during setup.

Be sure to name your Zap to avoid losing in the list of all the fun Zaps you'll create!

Setting An Action

You can also set your Adalo app to be the action.

So, in the reverse of the above example, you can specify that when an action happens, Zapier can automatically create or update a record in your Adalo app, and the record's properties can be populated by information from the previous trigger. You can also have the action be to update an Adalo record rather than create a new one!

Both Create & Update Adalo records are available in all Adalo plans (including free & up!) but if you are on an Adalo Free plan, your number of records are limited.

You can subsequently use the properties added to Adalo in your app to perform any actions within Adalo! You can even trigger a multi-step Zap to use this record to create or update another Zap. The possibilities are endless!


Will my Zaps be counted against App Actions?

No! Your Zaps will not be counted against your app actions.

Will my Zaps be counted against Record Limits on the Adalo Free Plan?

Yes - any records created from the Zapier integration will be counted against your record limits on free plan.

I don't have a paid Adalo Account. Can I still use this?

Zapier can be used on all pricing plans (even free!). Learn more at Adalo | Pricing.

I don't have a paid Zapier Account. Can I still use this?

Yes! Zapier's free plan gives you a limited number of Zaps, but is 100% functional! For advanced actions or enhanced speeds, you can upgrade your account. You can learn more at Zapier | Pricing.

I created a Zap on one button, but it is running every time the collection is updated. Can I limit it to one action point?

This is possible, but only for Zaps that are triggered by a Custom Action, hitting a Zapier Webhook. This is available on Professional Plan and above and is an advanced Zap.

In a simple Zapier<>Adalo connection, Zaps are not triggered by the action taken on the button -- they are triggered by the changes that happen to your database (your Adalo collection). Eg. If records in your collection X are created on two separate screens or components, and you have used "Record Created in X" as a trigger for Zap A, you cannot limit the Zap to one screen or button. Zap A will run every time a record is created in the collection X, whether it is at the component that you added the Zap to, or it is on another action point.

Simple zaps are triggered by the changes on a database, and not actions on a screen.

Learn More

You can learn more about Zapier in our Zapier 101: The Fundamentals course made by Nick Simard for The Adalo App Academy.

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