My Tasks Screen, Team Tasks Screen, Completed Screen

Each of these screens will show a user all the assigned tasks that they need to complete with due dates and more!

The Assign Tasks Feature Template was designed for a property manager to offload tasks to a facility manager or outside vendors that help with upkeep of the properties. The Home Screen, Team Tasks Screen, and the Completed Screen each contain the same elements but the lists are filtered differently.

This configuration is controlled by the custom-made horizontal navigation.

The Components

Tabs Group

This group appears on each screen, however, the bold & underlined phrase is different depending on the screen the user is on.

⚡ Each phrase is linked to the related screen:

  • My Tasks is linked to the ‘My Tasks’ Screen.

  • Team Tasks is linked to ‘Team Tasks’ Screen.

  • Completed is linked to ‘Completed’ Screen.

List Group

Each list has a unique filter depending on the screen it appears on.

  • My Tasks Screen

    • Logged In User > Tasks > Completed is False and Name Contains Search Term - tasks.

  • Team Tasks Screen

    • All tasks > Completed is False and Name Contains Search Term - team.

  • Completed Screen

    • All tasks > Completed is True and Name Contains Search Term - completed.

List Actions

  • Link Action to ‘Task Detail’

The search bar is an input component and will filter the list items by the search term if the search term is used in the ‘Name’ field of the Task Property.


This button appears on the ‘Home’ Screen & the ‘Team Tasks’ Screen. It will be used to create a new task.

Button Actions

  • Create Task

  • Link Action to ‘Edit Task’ Screen

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