Terms Screen

The Terms Screen is used to display all the terms and conditions for your services or whatever makes the most sense to your business where a signature is needed.

The Terms Screen displays a list of terms with a unique term heading and term body that is inserted into the database. These terms are displayed in a list format.

The list is a great user experience because that allows you to change any information in the database as needed without pushing a new version of your app live to your users each time you may need to change the terms and conditions.

The Components

List Component

This list does not behave like other list components in Adalo as it is only meant to display information and does not have any actions attached to it. The Terms are pulled from the database and show the information in a dynamic way which helps your app remain performant.

Agree & Sign Button

⚑ Button Actions

  • Link Action to the β€˜Agree and Sign Modal’ Screen

Admin Portal Button

This button appears conditionally if the Logged In User is an Admin which is controlled by the Admin? property in the Users Collection and must be set to TRUE.

⚑ Button Actions

  • Link Action to β€˜Signatures Admin’ Screen

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