Admin Create Clinic & Admin Edit Clinic Screens

The Admin Create Clinic and Admin Edit Clinic screens of the Browse, Purchase, and Manage Classes Feature Template are administrative screens to create and update class details as needed.

Both the β€˜Admin Create Clinic’ Screen and the β€˜Admin Edit Clinic’ Screen are for administrators to either create classes or to edit classes that have already been created.

These screens prevent admins from logging into Adalo to manage the data that’s available in the application.

The Components

Form Component

The predominate component on these two screens in the form component. The form component pulls the input fields from the Collection that it references.

On these two screens, the data collection is the β€˜Classes’ collection.

For each form, you have the option to:

Additionally, you can control which fields are present to create or update:

⚑ Form Actions

Each form has a Create or Update Action on the Submit button and a Link Action to the previous screen.

Icon Component

Each screen comes with an icon component to exit the screen without creating a new class or editing information.

⚑ Icon Action

A Link Action to the previous page.

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