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Lists of Lists
Adalo offers the powerful capability to create a List within a List. For example, in a trip planning app, you might want a screen that lists the days of the trip, and under each day, a list of that day’s activities.
To create this list within a list, it's best to start at the base level and then build up. In this example our database has three collections: Trips, Days, and Activities. Days have a relationship property to Trips, and Activities have a relationship property to Days.
    Add a Simple List to your screen
    Set the List to be a list of Activities
    Add a Text component above the Simple List that will serve as the Day header
    Add an Add Activity button to the bottom of the Activities List
    Now select the Simple List, the header Text, and the button components
    In the Left Panel, click the "Make List" button
    In the Left Panel, set the new list to be a list of Days
    Set the Filter to be Current Trip Days
    Now click into the header Text, and set the Magic Text to be Current Day Name
    Now click into the Simple List and set its filter to be Current Day Activities
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