Admin Transactions Screen

The Admin Transactions Screen in the Classes Admin Feature Template displays all information related to transactions that have occurred in the app.

The Admin Transactions screen contains information that is valuable to an administrator who would like to monitor the transactions that have occurred inside the app. This screen is made up of several components including a side navigation component and list components.

New Components

Text Components β€” Various

These text components display unique and dynamic information from the database. From left to right:

  1. A count of all transactions from the Transactions Collection.

  2. A count of all transactions in the last 30 days. This is because the text uses a custom filter for β€œCreated Date” is after β€œ30 days ago.”

  3. A count of the total number of users who have purchased. This uses a custom filter to search for users with a transaction count higher than one.

  4. A custom formula to display the percentage of users who have purchased a course out of the total number of Users in the database.

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