My Profile Screen

The User Profile Screen is integral to any app that has users that will interact with each other. This is a quick way to see users of an app and get an overview of their information.

The User Profile Screen displays information about the user of an app in an easy-to-digest way. From a user bio to their profile picture and everything in-between, this screen is simply an overview of each individual user in the app.

There are no unique components on this screen β€” however, there are datapoints for the users that will be displayed that are NOT collected during the sign up process. These datapoints are shown on this screen and must be filled in by the admin via Adalo for each user.

These properties can easily be added to the profile creation (Setup Step 1) by adding visible fields to the Rating and Games Played properties in the User Collection.

⚑ Button Actions

  • Link Action to β€˜Account Settings’ Screen from the Edit My Profile Button

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