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Want to become an Adalo Expert? How do I work with an Adalo Expert? I need help with my Adalo Expert Profile or client apps! Bingo! This is the space.
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What is an expert?

An expert is a professional knowledgeable in Adalo, that will help you in the creation of your app. Based on your needs you can hire an expert that could provide:
  • Full-service application design and development.
  • 1-on-1 coaching for implementation of specific requirements.
  • UX/UI consulting for existing projects.
  • Creation of custom components.

Find an Adalo Expert that meets your needs!

You can find Adalo Exerts here: Adalo Experts | Team Up With An Adalo Expert

What’s the process like to work with an Adalo Expert?

We try to keep the process relaxed yet professional. After you submit a request, the Adalo Expert will reach out and you’ll have a meeting to see if there’s a match. If you don’t want to work with them there’s no pressure - you can set up other meetings.
To learn best practices of working with Experts and Freelancers, read Working with an Adalo Freelancer
To learn more tips & tricks on how to make the most of your association, read more on the Adalo Blog, How to Get the Most Out of Working With an Expert

I am interested in becoming an Adalo Expert, how does the program work?

Pretty simply, we help connect clients in need of help with you, an Adalo Expert.

How does it benefit me? (Expert perks)

We’re able to give you visibility through a full profile on our website so that clients can see what you bring to the table. It’s free marketing! There are 3 other big benefits:
  1. 1.
    Priority support - we know this is key to being able to stay on deadlines.
  2. 2.
    Insider info/regular meetings
  3. 3.
    Ability to influence our product roadmap.

How do experts get paid?

  • You’ll receive 20% of the client’s subscription revenue. This is in addition to whatever you decide to charge for your services.

How do I become an Adalo Expert?

Adalo Experts are required to fill out the expert questionnaire, regarding their skills and services, and to demonstrate that they are proficient with the Adalo platform.
If you love building with Adalo and want to participate in this program, you can submit your details in this form: Adalo | Experts Application.

Not sure if I should apply?

We welcome applications from any level of knowledge regarding Adalo, so please apply! If you're not ready yet, we'll give you some guidance and feedback.

We are an agency, can we become experts?

Of course, our Adalo Expert program is open for agencies as well. So feel free to apply by submitting the form.

I am already an Expert, and need help with my profile...

For inquiries related to your Expert profile, you can submit the form you find at the Bottom of our Adalo Experts page and will get an answer directly to your email.

Transferring Apps

Can I sell Apps I have built in Adalo?

You can sell the apps, but will have to either continue managing the App in Adalo, or have the buyers create Adalo accounts so they can take over managing the app and then they would pay for the Adalo subscription.

How do I transfer an App to a client?

To transfer an app to a Client you need to complete the following steps.
  • Have the new owner create an Adalo account if they don't already have one (Don't forget to use your Affiliate Link)
  • If you're using Pro Plan Features, be sure the new account is upgraded to a Pro Plan
  • The owner of the app needs to submit a support ticket using their Adalo account email address and include the following information.
    • ✅ App ID or App link
    • ✅ New Owners Email address
    • ✅ Whether or not you need to remain on the account as a user
  • An Adalo CX team member will transfer the app and confirm with you once it's complete!

Will the app lose anything when it is transferred?

Custom Actions are currently tied to the Team they are created on. When an app is transferred to a new Owner the Custom Actions will need to be re-created or the app will need to remain on the Team that created the Custom Actions