Collections API

Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

  • The Adalo API is available on the Team and Business Plan.

This help article will show you how to access the documentation for your use. We will add additional resources in the near future for how and why you can use the Adalo Collections API.

Step 1: Open your Adalo application and click on the three buttons beside the collection name.

Step 2: Then select API Documentation

Step 3: This will open a new tab with the Adalo Collections API Documentation. This data dynamically updates per individual applications.

Step 4: Left side will show each of your collections and their respective endpoints. Center will show you the Headers required along with your already populated Adalo API Key. This key can also be generated from the Builder on the left nav > Settings > App Access > API Key. Right will show you the URL per endpoint and the data which is collected.

You can also access the Adalo Collections API Documentation by clicking on the records number shown by the collection.

Then select the < > symbol in the top right to open the API Documentation.

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