How to make a list your users can filter

Learn how to filter a list in your app!

First, let’s start by adding a Screen of a simple list to your app. Now, navigate to Components, and add a dropdown menu above your simple list. In the tutorial, we’ve already set up the database, so in order to set yours up, you will want to:

  • Create a Database Collection for Movies

  • Within your Movies collection you will need a property for Name (text), Image (image)

  • Create another Database Collection for Categories

  • Within your Categories collection, you will need a property for name. Also, we’re going to create a relationship to the Movies collection that is a “many to one” meaning that multiple Categories can belong to one Movie.

Now, let’s go back to the Simple List and bind it to the Movies Collection. Also, let’s update the Subtitle text to display Magic Text for the Category Name. Next, let’s bind the Dropdown Menu to the Categories Collection. Next, we’ll need to set up our filter! Click on the Simple List and where it says Filter > All Movies, let’s add a Custom FilterThis will allow us to create an additional filter so that when your users make their selection, it will display below the Dropdown Menu. The Custom Filter should be set up to say:Current Movie > Category > NameContainsSelected Category > Name And voilà! You’ve got a filter on your Simple List!

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