Notify All & Notify One Screens

The Notify All & Notify One Screens allow Admins to create notifications that will be sent to all, or one of, their apps users and review all the notifications that have been sent before.

Notifications are an important feature in any app to keep your audience engaged and informed. These particular screen within the Announcements & Notifications feature template allows an Admin to create and sent a notification to all the users of their app, or one.

You may need to send notifications to all users about an upcoming event or a notice of a service interruption β€” while the Notify One feature can be used to update a single user on their payment status.

Both screens are made up of similar components including a form component and a list component to display previously sent notifications.

The Components

Horizontal Navigation

This navigation is used to switch between the β€˜Notify All’ Screen and the β€˜Notify One’ Screen.

⚑ Actions

  • On each screen, the opposite screen name is linked back to.

    • Notify All text is linked to Notify All Screen

    • Notify One text is linked to Notify One Screen

Form Component

⚑ Submit Button Actions

  • Create Notification

  • Trigger Notification

    • Recipient > All Users on the β€˜Notify All’ Screen

    • Recipient > Logged In User > Notifications > Target User

List Component

⚑ Icon Action

  • Delete Notification

Unlike the β€˜Dismiss Notification’ action on the users side β€” the list on the Admin side will delete the notification completely from the database.

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