Stripe is a payment processing platform that can be set up in your mobile app in order to accept payments for Physical goods or services

Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have created a Stripe account, added your business information and bank account information, and completed any required verification.

  • Ensure your Adalo App has a Login flow prior to setting up the Stripe Component or you will receive an error to contact Adalo Support. Users must be Logged in for the Component to work.

  • Install Stripe Kit from Component Marketplace

    • Click the "+" button to open the Add Panel

    • Scroll down Marketplace and search and install 'Stripe Kit'

    • Once complete, you will see 4 Separate Components under 'Installed' section

Stripe can only be used for Physical products or services on Native apps. If you are selling Digital Products or services, you will need to use the In-App Purchase Component

If you have an iOS native app with Stripe, it is required by Apple to have In-App Purchases available as well. Check out the In-App Purchase Component or the IAPHub component for additional information.

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