Adjust a number property with a slider. Customize min, max, step size, and styles.

First, make sure you've installed the slider component from the Adalo Marketplace, then click the plus button in the left panel, find the slider component and drag it on to a screen in your app.

You can adjust the following in the left panel:

  • What Property does this adjust?

    • Here you can select a database property that the slider will change.

  • Minimum Value

  • Maximum Value

  • Increment Size

  • Track

    • Filled Color

    • Unfilled Color

    • Height

    • Rounding

  • Marker

    • Color

    • Size

    • Border

      • Color

      • Size

    • Shaddow

  • Labels

    • On/Off

      • If On, labels will appear above the marker when the user is clicking on the marker and adjusting it.

    • Background Color

    • Text Color

    • Text Size

    • Rounding


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