Download your Collection as a CSV File

Export your data as CSV File to analyse your data and more.

Skill level: Beginner

Before You Begin

  • Know about Databases and the basics of how to create them.

  • You do not need a paid Adalo plan to download your data. The free Adalo plan comes with 50 free records that you can download as CSV.

  • Each collection has to be downloaded separately - the option to download all your collections at once is currently not available. Please raise a feature request or upvote one and you will be informed as we make progress on the same.

  • If you have over 100K records in a collection and the export CSV option is taking time to complete, please submit a support ticket.


When you want to export your data as a CSV file, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your app and using the left panel, select the Database tab.

  2. From there, select the collection that you wish to export and click the "<count> records" button to open the collection in a modal.

  3. Click the icon on the top navigation that looks like a cloud. This should start the process of your CSV download. This file can be opened with Excel or Google Sheets for analysis, amongst other things.


Learn more about uploading CSV in Importing Records from CSV File.

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