Adalo Affiliate Program

Love Adalo? Want to share your love of Adalo? Want to make some money πŸ€‘ AND share your love of Adalo? You found the right place!

Affiliates- Adalo Ambassador?

Affiliates are Makers who make a percentage of the Adalo subscription fee for anyone they refer who ends up becoming a paying customer!

How do I sign up to become an Adalo Affiliate?

It's easy to become an affiliate, just sign up here

What Tool do you use for tracking referrals?

The tool we use for affiliate tracking is Rewardful.

Who can become an Adalo Affiliate?

At this time there are no rules for who can become an affiliate because ultimately the work is up to them to refer customers to Adalo to make money. We may re-evaluate our affiliates periodically.

What if I have missing referrals?

Referrals must use your unique referral link from your Rewardful account to qualify for the commission. If for some reason you believe there is an error or missing referral, reach out to our Support team by submitting a ticket here:

What are the Perks of being an Adalo Affiliate?

20% commission on all payments of referred accounts for first 12 months!

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