Success Modal Screen & Delete Account Confirmation Screen

There are two modal screens that come with the Account Settings Feature Template — both are to confirm actions that have been taken.

The two remaining screens in the Account Settings Feature Template are modal screens, which are used as a Success State or a Confirmation State.

For the ‘Success Modal’ Screen — this screens acts as a confirmation that the user has updated their account info and provides a seamless transition to continue actions within the account.

The ‘Delete Account Confirmation’ Screen is a used as a “double-check” on whether or not the user would like to delete their account. This is standard practice in software since it is relatively easy to accidentally hit the wrong button. In this case, if a user clicks the “Delete Account” button on the ‘Account Settings’ Screen, they will get the opportunity to confirm this is the action they actually want to take.

The Components

Each screen comes with a modal — in other words, a pop up to display the next steps. Typically these come with header text, body text, and a button. There is also a way for the user to cancel the action by clicking the icon in the upper right hand corner.

Success Modal Actions

  • The OK Button links to the ‘Account Settings’ Screen

Delete Account Confirmation Actions

  • Delete My Account Button

    • Delete User

    • Link Action to ‘Log In’ Screen

  • Cancel Button

    • Link Action to “Back”

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