Conversations List Screen

The Conversations List Screen in the User Chat Feature Template displays all ongoing one-on-one conversations between two people.

Similar to a text messaging feature on any present-day phone, the User Chat Feature template allows users to interact with one another simply through one-on-one communication. The Conversations List Screen contains all the open conversations between two users, as well as a way to begin a new conversation.

The feature template contains a side navigation component, text components, button components, and a list component that displays information found in the database.

The Components

Side Navigation

The side navigation will appear on most screens in the template as a means for the user to navigate to other areas of the app. It is important to note that if you change something about the side navigation, it must be changed on other screens, as well.

The β€˜Active Menu Item’ for this screen is Menu Item 5.

Text Components

These two components are static text β€” meaning they are written in plain text and are not being pulled from the database. You can change this text at any point and it will not impact anything found in the database.

Button Component β€” New Button

This button will connect to the β€˜New Chat Modal’ screen when clicked so users can begin a new chat with someone.

⚑ Button Action

Link Action to the β€˜New Chat Modal’ Screen.

List Component β€” Conversations List

This component will display a list of all open conversations for the Logged In User.

⚑ List Action

Link Action to the β€˜Chat Screen’

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