Sticky While Scrolling

You can make a component or group of components stay visible on the screen, even if users scroll up or down.

Skill Level: Beginner

Before You Begin

NOTE: This feature functions the same way as the old "Fixed to" toggle in the Edit Styles menu of the Legacy builder, except now you can even make components sticky to the side or center of a screen, not just to the top and bottom. See the Learn More section of this guide for reference.



1. To turn on Sticky while scrolling, click on a component or group of components, then click on the layout tab.

2. Click on the "Sticky while scrolling" toggle to turn it on for the selected group.

3. Now your component or group will stay fixed in the same position regardless of how far up or down your users scroll on the screen.

To turn it off, just click the toggle again.

Learn More

  • Sticky while scrolling works the same way that the Fixed option did in Legacy builder, only now you can stick components and groups of components to the top, bottom, center, side, or anywhere else on screen.


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