Displaying Images

Displaying images from Airtable is done by selecting the source as URL. When using the image component you will select the source as URL then select your collection and then the field > attachments > url.

Displaying Images in a List

Transferring Images or attachments from Airtable to Adalo requires a little extra work when displaying them in a list component. You will have to make your own list by using individual components and you will use the field > attachments > url as your magic text to display the image.

Multiple Attachments: When connecting Airtable to Adalo only the 1st attachment will transfer as the field > attachments > url. If you have multiple images/attachments in one property on Airtable, these will have to be in separate column properties in order to transfer to Adalo.

  1. Select the components which you want to use to display your list of records and lay them out.

  2. Select all components using command (mac)/control (pc) + the shift or shift and your mouse to select.

  3. The left slider will give you an option to Make a List, select this

  4. Choose what data to display.

  5. Set your design accordingly.

  6. Click on components within the list (very bottom accordion)

  7. Click the Image component

    1. Image Source = URL

    2. URL = Magic Text > fields > attachments > url

    3. Choose your cropping based on your design

  8. On the left slider top arrow go back to your list

  9. Select your next components and input the fields as you need, with the use of the magic text feature.

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