Get Stripe Customer Data using Email Address

Tutorial on how to set up Custom Action to Get Customer data by query

1. Select the Component you want to add the Custom Action to and choose "New Custom Action" from flyout.

2. Name your Custom Action and select the Type. In this case we are using Create.

3. Enter REST API information found in the Stripe API Reference Docs

4. Add Authorization Header

5. Type 'Authorization' and 'Bearer [YOUR SECRET_KEY] - Be sure to update to LiveMode credentials when launching your app. Click 'Done'

6. Update any Variable Inputs you will need for Queries. This will allow you to use MagicText to input information.

7. This API allows email address so we will enter an example from our Stripe Customers Dashboard.

8. Add Query Parameter

9. In this example it is 'email' and the Value will be the Input from MagicText. Once entered, Click 'done' and Run the Test Request.

10. Click on cus_MWsSstDxiEoIYl

11. If successful, you will see the MagicText Output properties and can rename them for easier identification.

12. You will also be able to view the full response from the API by clicking 'Show Full Response'. After you have updated necessary Output data, Save your Custom Action.

13. Once Saved, you can update the source of the Variable Input in your Custom Action. Output Data will be available in subsequent Actions and can be used to Update Records in your Collections.

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