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How to Add Google Sign-In with Your Adalo App

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Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have setup your Google Developer account.

  • This walkthrough will be much easier if you already have iOS and Android builds and listings setup in the app stores as you will need your Bundle IDs and some other info to set this up. For iOS go here. For Android go here.

  • Paid plan may be required to use in Native or with Xano External Collections.


Install the Component from the Marketplace

2.) Scroll down and click the Explore Marketplace button

3.) In the Marketplace, scroll to find the Sign in with Google component and click Install

Add the Component to your Signup and Login Screens

4.) Click the plus button in the left toolbar in Adalo

5.) Search for the Sign in with Google component

6.) Drag the component on to your Sign In screen (and do the same for your Login screen). We'll finish setting it up in just a minute.

Learn More

If using Xano External Collections please follow the steps in the Xano+Google Sign In Help Doc after completing the steps above.


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