Book Appointment Screen

The Book Appointment Screen displays all information regarding a certain available appointment that is displayed from information found in the database.

The Book Appointment Screen will allow your users to book an appointment and displays all relevant information that a user would like to know before deciding to book: from the description of the class to related images, dates, and more.

All information that is shown on this screen is connected to properties found in the appointments database. If properties are removed from the database, that may impact how the information shows up on this screen.

New Components

Most components have already been covered in detail on other screens, however, there is a BOOK Button on this screen.

This button is how someone will register for the available appointment. This button will only show IF the appointment has not yet been booked by another user (Current Appointment > Booked > is false).

⚑ Book Button Actions

  • Update Appointment

    • Booked is TRUE

    • Guest is Logged In User

  • Link Action to β€˜Success’ Screen

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