The Location Property Type

You can implement geolocation features into your app by adding a special location property type into the collections of your database.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have generated your Google API Key

  • You will need a paid Adalo plan to use this feature.

  • Note that each time your app uses a location feature, your Google plan will be charged.


1.) Adding a Location property type is super simple. First, click on the collection that needs the location property. In this case, we have a Trips collection.

2.) Click the + Add Property button and select Location.

3.) Give the new location property a name and click Save. In this case, we're going to name ours Destination.

NOTE: You can add a location property type without a Google API Key, but it will not work until you add the API key.

4.) The location property contains several automatic pieces of data which you can see by clicking on the Records button for the collection, then selecting a record.

5.) Within the record, you can search for address, places, and locations directly in the location property dropdown. These results are powered by Google and will use credits on your Google Cloud services plan.

6.) You can now use your new location property type anywhere in your app!

Learn More

  • If you encounter errors when searching for locations within the record view, be sure to check your enabled APIs in your project's Google Cloud Console dashboard (see the Google API Key guide).

  • Manually adding or changing location information in the record can break Google's ability to find that location, so be careful when changing location data manually.

  • Only Adalo account owners/makers can see options for changing location property data in the record view.

  • Check out our course in the App Academy about using Location.


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