Notifications Screen

The Notifications screen displays all notifications that the user has received over time.

Whether a notification is sent to all users or a unique user, those users need a way to view the notifications. This can be done through the Notifications Screen. This screen displays all notifications that a user has received. Notifications can be removed from this screen on a per user basis. This screen also contains an Admin Portal button that is shown when a user is also marked as an Admin (Admin? = TRUE) in the database.

With a couple of simple components, the Notifications screen is brought to life.

The Components

List Component

This component displays all the notifications that a user has received. There are a couple of filters on this list shown below:

This filter says the following:

  • Display a list of all notifications IF…

  • The Users Who Dismissed the current notification does not contain the Logged In User. As in, the current logged in user has not dismissed the notification before.

  • AND the current notification is supposed to be shown to the Logged In User based on the User ID.

  • OR the notification is marked as an Announcement and it has not been dismissed by the Logged In User.

⚑ List Action

  • The β€˜Cancel’ Icon Updates the Notification and adds the Logged In User to the β€˜Users Who Dismissed’ Property.

Admin Portal Button

The Admin Portal button only displays for users whose Admin? property is marked as TRUE.

⚑ Button Actions

  • Link Action to β€˜Notify All’ Screen

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