General Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions with Adalo.

Why choose Adalo?

Have a great idea for an app but no coding experience? With traditional app development, first-stage app design costs $60,000 on average, and takes months. Other app creation platforms rely on templates or code, which can be difficult to navigate and customize. With Adalo, you can create custom native apps with no code.

Adalo allows you to build apps on an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, either by using pre-made design elements or by creating your own. It takes the headache out of publishing your apps to the Android or Apple storesβ€” with a subscription plan, it allows you to easily publish your apps. If you need any help getting started, the Adalo team has created a series of Tutorials to demonstrate how to build some of the more common app features, and can assist you with the creation and design process via email.

What can I build?

Adalo offers both more basic app features like lists, buttons, forms, and signups as well as more advanced features such as messaging, search, and payments (via a Stripe integration). All of the design components are integrated with a database that allows you to view how users are interacting with your app and to input external data files into the Adalo platform. With options to add actions, data interactions, and web pages, you can design how users navigate your app.

Who uses Adalo?

Adalo has been used by dozens of startups, small businesses, and enterprises to create custom-built apps. From a personal trainer looking to send personalized plans to his clients to a mobile food-ordering service to a small business trying to streamline internal communication, Adalo has been used by a diverse set of clients. These companies have utilized the platform to either grow and extend their customer base by connecting with them via apps, or have developed software to maximize efficiency within their firm by facilitating feedback and communication.

How long does it take to build an app on Adalo? And what happens if Adalo doesn't have a feature that I want to use on my app?

This is pretty dependent on how complicated the functions you want are to build. With traditional app development, the first version of an app takes about six months on averageβ€” with Adalo, you can have a workable prototype done in a day and a more polished version completed within a week or two. The good thing about Adalo is that you can publish multiple iterations of your app, so you can constantly make improvements.

What happens if I decide not to use Adalo anymore?

Per our terms of use, you own the intellectual property associated with the app you make and can get an export of your app's data at anytime.

Where and how can I publish an app I built on Adalo?

You can publish on iOS, Android, or the web with Adalo. Web apps can be published immediately, and changes go live instantaneously. For iOS and Android, you have to create a developer account in both platforms. You can learn more about publishing here.

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