Send a verification SMS to new sign ups

This tutorial requires the use of Integromat and Twilio accounts

1) Prepare your database for this project by adding a new number property to your User Collection. You can name it "Verification code"

2) On the Signup form, we need to add a new formula to create a verification when the user signs up. To do that we will use the RAND function which will create a random value between 1 and 99999. We will do this in the "Set Automatically" section of the Fields options.

2) You will also need to add a new property to hold your user's phone number. To do this, add a new text property to your user's collection. The reason we need to make it text is that your users will need to add their international code to their number, including the + symbol. This is a requirement from the Twilio API.

3) Open the Integromat template:

4) Follow the 3 steps in the template.

5) Create a new user in your Adalo app, make sure to use a phone number that is valid and accessible by you for testing.

6) Run the scenario in Integromat.

7) Check your phone for the verification code!

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