Component Basics

An intro to using components to build screens.

Learn All About Components

Components are the building blocks of your app's design. Everything your users will interact with when using your app are considered components. These are the visual elements of your app!

Inserting Components

Components are all of the elements on a screen β€” lists, buttons, text, etc.

  • Drag and drop components from the Add Panel onto a screen on your Canvas.

  • To copy and paste a component from one screen to another, select and copy the component, then click the Screen Title of the new screen and paste it.

  • To edit a component, click on it and the left panel will open with all of the options to configure and customize the component.

  • If you want to group components, click and drag to select multiple components. Then, in the left panel, click the "Make Group" button.

  • If you want to arrange the order of components on a screen so that one component is above or below another, go to the Screens tab in the toolbar, and click the relevant screen to see its list of components. In that list, drag components up or down to move them closer to the front or back of the order.

  • To link clicking on a component to an action or to another screen, check out our Action Basics section.

Components can range from very simple to robust with many options. Simple components like text and shapes can be combined to create your own custom designs.

All Components

  • Tab Bar

  • App Bar

  • Side Navigation

  • Top Navigation


  • Simple List

  • Card List

  • Image List

  • Avatar List

  • Horizontal Card List

  • Horizontal Chip List

  • Custom List


  • Button

  • Action Button

  • Icon

  • Toggle


Forms & Fields

  • Form

  • Text Input

  • Date Picker

  • Dropdown Menu

  • File Picker

  • Image Picker

Marketplace Components

  • Map

  • Calendar

  • Image Slider

  • Google Signin

  • Multiselect Dropdown

  • Star Rating

  • Progress Bar

  • YouTube

  • AdMob Banner

  • Stripe Kit

  • Deck Swiper

  • Plyr Video

  • Chart Kit

  • Audio Player

  • Apple Sign-In

  • Email Validator

  • Slider

  • Lottie

  • QR Code Generator (by Knight)

  • Countdown

  • Randomizer

  • NocoderHQ HTMLRenderer

  • QR Code Scanner

  • Calendar Stripe

  • Stopwatch

  • Signature Pad

  • IAP Kit

  • QR Code Generator (by Zeroqode)

  • Magic Color Rectangle

  • NocoderHQ Round Button

  • Random Picker

  • NocoderHQ Countdown

  • Twitter Timeline

  • URL Encode Decoder

  • Switch

  • Masked Form

  • Markdown Renderer

  • Jam Room

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