Airtable Dropdown fields & Validation

If you have a drop down field or Single Select field in Airtable, this field will show up in Adalo as a text field instead of a drop down. However, if used in a form, it will validate with airtable to ensure that the entered text matches one of the options that you set up. This can be tricky for a user since there is no message stating that it doesn't match. Below, I am going to go over how to set up a Airtable Single Select fields in an Airtable database, Single Select fields in Adalo forms, and a few ways to make it clearer to your users that it must match one of the options.

Setting up a Single Select field in Airtable

  1. Open the Airtable database and table that you would like to add the field to.

  2. Select the add field button.

  3. Name the new field.

  4. Select the drop down where it says A Single line text.

  5. Select Single Select.

  6. Select the text + Add an Option.

  7. Type in what you want the first option to be and then press [Enter].

  8. Enter in the rest of the options.

  9. Select Save.

  10. You can then fill in that field for any existing records using a drop down. Select the new field for the record that you would like to update.

  11. Select the desired option from the drop down menu.

Single Select fields in Adalo Forms

As mentioned above, single select fields in Airtable will not show up as drop downs in Adalo. You are able to use it to validate that your users are using the valid options that you set up though. If a user tries to submit a form with text that does not match one of the options for that field, the form will not submit. If they enter matching text, then it will submit. An example of this is shown below.

Tips to helping your users with validation

To help make it clear to your user that the text must match one of the fields, in the Airtable Single Select field, you can change the Placeholder text as well as add an additional text field. A simple example of this is shown below. For more information on customizing your form and changing the placeholder text, please refer to the Forms help document.

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