Connect Xano to an Adalo App

Now that you've created a Xano account and Workspace, you can quickly and easily connect your Xano backend to an Adalo App.

Skill Level: Expert

Before You Begin

  • Have a Xano account and workspace setup. Follow this guide to do so.

  • You must have at least 1 User Record in your Xano User's Collection.

  • You must have a Team or Business Adalo plan to use this feature.

  • It's highly recommended that you have excellent knowledge of how Adalo's Database, Actions, and Components work before attempting this integration.

  • Xano can only be integrated this way for new apps.



1. In your new Xano workspace, click on the API tab on the left menu.

2. Click on the Default API group to open up its endpoints and settings.

3. In the upper right corner, click to copy the API Base URL

Please make sure that you have set the Authentication as Required for your Auth/me endpoint.

4. In Adalo, Create a new native or web app, then click Next.

If this is your first time using Adalo, you will see this as soon as you create your account. If you already have a created app, click on the app switcher in the top-middle of the Adalo Builder and click on Create App. You can create a Responsive Web App, or you can still create a Mobile Legacy App.

5. Click on Advanced Settings in the bottom-left of the pop-up.

6. Choose the "Use Xano Database and Authentication" option, then click Done.

7. Select Begin in the pop-up that appears, then paste the API Base URL that you copied in Step 3 of this guide and click Run Test

8. Adalo will reach out to Xano and pull in your Xano User and Authentication endpoints and tables so that you can signup and login users. Click Next, once the pull is complete.

These are the Endpoints that Adalo Supports for your User Collection:

  • /user/id -> POST/PATCH/PUT (edit) DELETE, GET (get by id)
    /user -> POST (create) GET (get all)

You must have at least 1 User Record in your Xano User's Collection or the Builder may Crash.

9. Adalo will now reach out to get all the other tables in your Xano database and allow you to choose which ones to import. Check the tables you need to import, then click Finish.

10. Click Done on the celebration screen. Then, click on the Database tab in the left menu of the Adalo Builder to see your Xano Collections (Tables) just like you would your Adalo Collections.

11. Re-syncing the Users Table with Adalo.

If you add, change, or remove properties in your Users collection, you can re-sync the Users table with Adalo by repeating the process outlined in this guide.

Learn More

  • You cannot delete or remove the User collection in your Adalo app, even if your app does not require a user authentication system.


As with all integrations, Adalo is only able to provide support for the Adalo side of the integration. For assistance with your Xano account, dashboard, or implementation, please use the Xano documentation, Xano community, Xano University, or contact Xano Support directly.

If you need additional help with this article, you can always ask in our community forum! Be sure to paste the link to this article in your post as well! We also have a Xano Course on the Adalo App Academy that you may find helpful!

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