Trigger Push Notifications

This action lets your app send native iOS, Android, and Web push notifications to users.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

Notifications require that your app is installed on Native iOS, Android, or as a PWA.

  • Notifications can only be triggered to another logged-in user, on another device.

    • ex: The Logged in User triggering the notification will not be able to receive the notification they triggered within the app.

  • The app must have the Request Notification Permission set up. Please ensure this is set up correctly before continuing.

  • Target Screen is only available on Native iOS and Android. PWA will always direct to the Apps Home Navigation Screen.

Add Notification Action

  • Select the component that should trigger the notification, then in the left panel select 'Add Action'.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the options, and click Trigger Notification.

Select Users to receive notification

All Users will get the notification unless filtered by available data such as Current User or by a Relationship to the User.

  • Current User - Send a message to a single user using Available Screen Data

    • Uses include sending a notification to a single user such as a 'New Follower' notification or 'Friend Request' when Current User Data is available.

  • One User - Send a message to a single User through Filter

    • Used similarly to "Current User" but when filtering through other available data such as a relation to a User. Example of this may be a Marketplace Listing sale or an Admin approval request.

  • Multiple Users - All Users or Users who meet criteria

    • Used when wanting to send to all users or a specific group of users filtered through a rerelationship. Examples would include a Notification to multiple users about an event they are attending or a new message in a group chat.

  • This is also where you exclude the Logged in User from your notifications if sending to multiple Users.

  • Notifications will only be sent if;

    1. The user has the app installed on their device.

    2. The user is logged in.

    3. The user has had activity in the app in the last 2 weeks to be considered active.

    4. The user has permissions allowed.

    5. The user is not the user triggering the notification.

Enter Notification Details

  • Set the title and body text for the Notification message.

    • If using information from an Input, we recommend creating a Message or Notification Record in your Collections before using that information to fill in the Notification details.

  • Select which screen in your app the user should be taken to when the tap on the notification on Native iOS and Android builds.

PWA will always direct to the Apps Home Navigation Screen regardless of the Target Screen selected.

Next Steps

Now you are ready to test your notifications!

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