Legacy Builder

The Legacy Native Builder is Adalo's original editing engine that works best for Native mobile apps and mobile PWA apps.
NOTE: Adalo makers who have signed up after July 27, 2022 will automatically be using Responsive Builder instead. Only paying makers before this date will have access to Legacy Builder and only until July 2023 when all plans will be transitioned to new pricing plans (Learn More).

What is the Legacy Builder?

When you first create an app in Adalo, you may be presented with a few options for which Adalo Builder you want to use, depending on how recently you signed up for Adalo. As a new user, you will only have the option to build with our new Responsive App Builder, however users with apps built in the Legacy builder may still see the option to create Legacy apps. These options are available in the Create New App dialog box.
NOTE: Apps built with the Legacy Builders are not designed to be responsive and have different design options and workflows than the new Responsive Builder. We highly recommend using the Responsive Builder instead. The pages in this section are specific to Legacy Builder.

Pages in This Section


What is the different between Responsive App Builder and Legacy App Builder?
Responsive App Builder is a complete rewrite of the Adalo Legacy Builder's codebase. It includes new layout options, screen sizing, component anchoring, new snap grid improvements, and much more - making it possible to build your app once, and publish to native and web at the same time. Legacy Builder is not designed to respond to screen sizes and typically worked best to create mobile or native apps separately from web apps. Additionally, Legacy apps have no component layout tools, dimished control of publishing, and unimproved snap guides.
Can I transition a Legacy Builder App to a Responsive App?
Yes, with some caveats. Please see the guide on Migrating Legacy Apps to Responsive Apps.