Google Play rejected the app due to data safety issues

If you receive a rejection from Google Play regarding data safety issues, there are many possible causes. Remember, being transparent and clear about user data is not just for the sake of the app store; it's to build trust with users.

Possible Causes:

  1. Privacy Policy: Ensure the app has a comprehensive privacy policy that is easily accessible, both on the Google Play Store listing and within the app itself. The privacy policy should detail the data the app collects, how it's used, and how it's stored.

  2. Data Safety Form: Accurately represent the data the app collects and how it's used on the Play Console's Data safety section.

  3. Permissions: Request only necessary permissions for the functionality of the app, and ensure there is a clear justification for each permission, especially for sensitive permissions.

  4. Third-party SDKs & Libraries: Know what each SDK/library does, and declare them appropriately. For instance, analytics SDKs, ad libraries, or even some UI libraries might collect user information. Remove any that collect unnecessary data.

  5. Data Minimization: Collect only necessary data and follow the key principle of data minimization.

  6. Data Storage & Security: Store user data securely. If data is stored on servers, they should be secure. If data is stored locally on the device, it should be encrypted or handled in a way that prevents unauthorized access.

  7. Data Sharing & Selling: Clearly indicate if the app shares or sells user data, and if so, with whom and for what purpose. If the app doesn't sell or share data, state that explicitly.


  1. Review Rejection Details: Thoroughly review any feedback or reasons provided by Google Play.

  2. Update App & Store Listing: Based on the feedback, make the necessary changes to the app or the store listing.

  3. Reach Out to Support: If unsure about the reasons for the rejection or need clarification, contact Google Play Developer Support. They can often provide more specific guidance.

  4. Resubmit: Once all changes are made, resubmit the app for review. Ensure that all the concerns raised in the initial rejection have been addressed.

Please Note: While we provide guidance on resolving these issues, the final decision on app approval rests with Google's review team. This might result in multiple submissions before receiving approval, even if no changes are made within the app itself.

Still Need Help?

If you're stuck, don't worry! Check out our Adalo Community Forum for additional assistance!

  1. Check forum posts for tips and tricks from other makers who have had their app successfully published.

  2. Consider consulting with a legal professional specializing in data privacy.

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