Sorting Airtable Lists

To sort a list connected to an external Airtable collection, you need to add two filters to the list

1) With the list selected, in the left panel, make sure the list is connected to an external collection

2) Click the Add Filter button

3) For the Name of this first filter, enter "sort[0][field]"

4) For the Value of this filter, type the name of the column in Airtable (not magic text) you want to sort by. Note: If your column name has any spaces or special characters, you don't need to do anything special to encode them. Adalo will take care of this automatically for you.

5) Click the Done button to collapse the first filter, and then click the Add Filter button to add the second filter.

6) For the Name of this second filter, enter "sort[0][direction]"

7) For the Value of this filter, enter either "asc" or "desc" depending on whether you want to sort ascending (ie smallest to largest / alphabetical) or descending (ie largest to smallest / reverse-alphabetical)

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