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Creating Custom Lists
If you want increased customization, use simple components to build your own lists and buttons.
Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

    Should have knowledge of Databases​
    Should have knowledge of Lists ​
Custom Lists give you access to add Adalo Components to your list items.
Want to add a toggle? You can. Want to add an image to your custom list? Go for it! Want total power to take over the world? It's on our roadmap. πŸš€

Custom Lists

To create a custom list, instead of using one of the pre-made list components, build a screen by dragging in the list option from the simple components
    Click on the list, then select 'Components' and 'Add Components'
    Drag in and position new components
    Change all of the elements of the list to dynamic (using Magic Text)
Learn about Custom Lists in roughly two minutes.
Last modified 2mo ago
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