Cloning Apps and Making Apps Cloneable

Create cloneable links to your apps so that others can duplicate it into their own Adalo account or clone some apps yourself!

Skill Level: Beginner

Before You Begin

  • Make sure you have at least one app in your Adalo account to be cloned

  • Ensure you are logged into Adalo and are in the Adalo Builder

  • Cloning an app is different than copying an app in that cloning gives other people the ability to make copies of your app whereas copying it merely makes a duplicate in your own Adalo account.

  • You do not need a paid Adalo plan to use this feature


2.) Click on the App Access section dropdown.

3.) Under the dropdown labeled Allow anyone to clone this app?, choose from 3 options:

  • Not Cloneable - This option prevents users from cloning your app when sharing your app's public link.

  • Cloneable (Screens Only) - This option allows users to duplicate your app into their own account using your app's share link, but only the screens, components, actions, and database structure will be duplicated. No records in the database are duplicated.

  • Cloneable (Screens and Data) - This option allows users to create an exact duplicate of your app in their own Adalo account using your app's share link. Screens, components, actions, database structure, and records will be duplicated.

For this walkthrough, let's choose the Cloneable (Screens Only) option.

6.) Upon clicking Clone App, wait a few seconds for the app to be created. Then, Adalo will ask you for a new name for the app and which team you would like the app placed into. Once you have selected these, click Create.


Now that you have an idea of how to create cloneable apps and clone them yourself, why not try it out yourself by cloning some of our pre-made templates or cloneable kits?

Learn More

  • Custom Actions cannot be cloned

  • Private components cannot be cloned


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