Publishing to the Web

Every Adalo account comes with it's own domain (ie But if you already own your own domain, you can use that as the URL for your Adalo app.

1) Start the Setup In Adalo How to add a custom domain

  1. Click on the account icon in the upper right corner of Adalo

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click the Domains tab

  4. Enter the domain of your website you want to connect.

    • Note: Your domain must be setup with a subdomain before the domain name to work properly.

      • Correct:

      • Correct:

      • Incorrect:

  5. Select the Add button.

  6. You will see instructions for a CNAME record you need to add to your domain's DNS provider

2) Add a CNAME Record in your domain's DNS provider

  1. Through your dns provider, you will need to set up a canonical name (CNAME) dns record to connect your domain to your Adalo website. Below is a list of links to manuals that cover how to set up CNAME records for several different domain providers.

Note: for the Name (sometimes called Host, depending on your DNS provider, only enter the subdomain, not the entire URL. In the example below, you would enter "app" and NOT ""

3) Complete Domain Setup in Adalo

  1. Back in Adalo, select TEST SETUP.


  3. The custom domain is now available to use with any app in your Adalo account.

4) Use the custom domain for your app

  1. On the left toolbar, navigate to the Publish tab.

  2. Select the domain dropdown and select the domain that you would like to use.