Create a PDF from a record in Adalo

In this tutorial, we will be going over how to create a custom designed PDF that will be populated, automatically, by your record's data within Adalo. This tutorial will require the use of 3 external tools; Integromat, Google Drive and EledoPDF.

First, we will need to set up our database correctly to store the data required to create the PDF as well as receive the link to the built PDF when it's completed.

1) Create the collection that you will use for the data related to the PDF you have in mind to create. For the example in this tutorial, we will create the following properties. Title, Image, Description, PDF URL and a related property to the User collection.

We now need to create and set up our EledoPDF account and template.

2) Login (or sign up) to EledoPDF: 3) Create a new template and give it a name. 4) You will set up Text Box component inside the Eledo template editor for each text property that will have data coming from Adalo and also a Dynamic Image for our image property. You can also set up any other items in your PDF where necessary even if this data is not coming from Adalo itself.

We are now ready to get the data to Integromat from Adalo and send it to EledoPDF.

5) Log in to Integromat (or sign up if you do not already have an account). 6) Access the prebuilt Integromat template at: 7) Follow the steps held within the template itself.

8) Step 4 will require you to log in to your Google Drive and set up a folder to store these PDF files.

9) When you have finished setting up the template according to the steps, you will need to go back to Adalo and create a record in this collection.

10) Go back to Integromat and click "Run Once" in the bottom left corner of your scenario screen to run your scenario.

11) Go back to Adalo and view your record in your PDF collection and the PDF URL property should now contain a link to the file on your Google Drive.

12) Opening this link should allow you to see the PDF file directly in your browser.

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