Add Team Members to Your Adalo App

Add collaborators & team members (known in Adalo as 'App Editors') to your Adalo account.
To see how many App Editors are allowed as per your subscription plan, please refer to Adalo | Plans & Pricing & Adalo Pricing: FAQs.


To add people to your Adalo Account:
  • Open your Adalo Builder.
  • Go to settings on the left panel.
  • Select App Access and Add Team Members.
  • You can also invite a new Team Member if they are not already on your Adalo Team.
  • Select the Team Member or add the email address of the individual you’re looking to invite, and click Invite.
  • You will see the user added to your App Access section.
  • Once members have been added to an app, App owners or Team Owners will be able to remove them by clicking Remove next to the member email.

Important Information:

  • Users added to apps have full access to the app, including the ability to delete. Ensure you only give Team access to trusted associates as we are unable restore deleted apps.
  • There is no cap on the number of times a person can be added or removed from an App.
  • If an account is downgraded or a Team Member is removed, they will lose all access to apps they created on that team. Only the Team Owner will have access to join the apps.
Adalo does not get involved in 3rd-party disputes, this includes Team Owners/Members. Only Account Owners will be able to request changes to the account or ownership.
Last modified 1mo ago