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Trigger Push Notifications via API

Use the Adalo API to trigger push notifications to your users.
You can use the Adalo API to trigger push notifications to users of your app.
In order for these API requests to succeed, you must first have at least one native build of your app. The build can be for either iOS or Android, and you do not need to have published your app to the app stores.
The base URL for the API request should be
You will need to include the following headers:
Authorization: Bearer [Your App's API Key]
Content-Type: application/json
You will need to specify the following in the API request
  • App ID (you can find your App ID in the url when you are editing your app in Adalo)
  • Recipient Email
  • Push Notification Title Text
  • Push Notification Body Text
Here is how the request body should be structured:
"appId": "2bc38ea8-2eb1-4db0-974c-e9e031f2c0e0",
"audience": { "email": "[email protected]" },
"notification": {
"titleText": "Hello There",
"bodyText": "This is just a test..."
A successful request will return two parameters:
  • successful: [count]
  • failed: [count]
"Successful" means the notifications was delivered to your user's device. "Failed" means that the user no longer grants your app permission to send push notifications. If both are 0, then the user that the notification was sent to does not have your app installed on their device yet.
Here is a video tutorial for how to use the Adalo API to send a Scheduled Push Notification:
Here are the developer docs for the Adalo API:
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