Admin Manage Clinics Screen

The Admin Manage Clinics Screen of the Browse, Purchase, and Manage Classes feature template displays all the necessary information for an Admin to review, create, and edit classes.

Any screens labeled ‘Admin’ in the Feature Template indicate they will be used to view & manage information differently than how an end-user interacts with the information.

For the Browse, Purchase, and Manage Classes Feature Template, the property “Is Admin?” in the Users Collection needs to be TRUE to interact with the Admin Screens.

The Components

Side Navigation — Admin Side Navigation

Similar to the User Side Navigation on other screens in the template, the Admin Side Navigation allows an Admin to navigate to the various Admin functionality.

Active Indicator Style

The ‘Active Indicator Style’ is set to reflect the screen that the Admin is currently viewing — on the ‘Admin Manage Clinics’ screen, that is “Manage Clinics.” To change these settings, find the Menu Style option in the lefthand panel:

Bottom Button

The Bottom Button is configured to allow an Admin to navigate back to the Member/Customer portion of the app.

Bottom Button Action

A Link Action to the ‘Category List’ Screen

Text Component

The text component reads “Count” because the text is populated from the database.

The text will portray the total number of classes that are available in the Classes Collection. Additionally, it will display the text “Clinic” or “Clinics” depending on the number shown.

Button Component

This Button Component will act as a link to another page where an Admin is able to create an additional class.

Button Actions

A Link Action to the ‘Admin Create Clinic’ Screen.

Input Component — Search Input

The input component acts as a search bar. The component is similar to a Form Component in that the data will be available to use in another part of the app — even if it is not saved to the database.

List Component — Classes List

Similar to lists on other screens, this list will display information related to the Classes that are in the database. If properties in the database are missing information or deleted, that will influence how this list looks.

There is a different list for the mobile layout. If you make changes to the Desktop & Tablet list, make sure you also make changes to the Mobile list.


This list contains all classes in the Classes Collection, however, it can be filtered by information in the “Search Input” component.

The text entered in the Input must be in the Name Property. This can be updated to filter based on any property in the Classes Collection.

The value “Search Input” is available to filter by because it is another data-related component on the screen.

Publicly Visible Badge

The badge to display whether or not a class is able to be viewed by the end users is conditionally displayed based on the property “Publicly Available?” in the Classes Collection.

This will allow the Admin a quick glance to see which classes are able to be registered for, or conversely, which classes need to be removed from viewing.

List Actions

  • The ‘Edit Clinic’ Button contains a Link Action to the ‘Admin Edit Clinic’ Screen.

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