Overview — Screens, Database, Layout Settings, Use Cases

This template makes it easy to create a two-column image gallery that, when clicked, opens up a modal containing larger versions of the images for browsing.

The Image Gallery Modal feature template is especially suited for apps that have a lot of images such as real estate listings, portfolios, product catalogs, event photos, etc.. A simple click on the two-column gallery enlarges the image in a modal for a more immersive browsing experience. If you're aiming to present your visuals in a way that's both engaging and user-friendly, this template is your go-to solution.

Screens Overview:

📚 Instructions Screen

Quickly get an overview of the template with quick tips, a help doc, and associated templates that may be of interest. This screen may be deleted at anytime.

User Screens

🏡 Photos Screen

A gallery list of images is displayed on the screen to showcase different images of a specific item.

🎠 Modal Image Gallery

Once an image is clicked, this modal will showcase a larger image for closer inspection by a customer.

Database Overview

The Image Gallery Feature Template comes with a database that contains sample data. Each Adalo database contains Collections and each collection comes with the associated Properties. Any necessary relationship between the collections is set up, as well.

Important Note About the Database:

If you delete a Collection or Property from the Feature Template, this could impact the functionality of your app.

If you add a Collection or Property to your Feature Template, this will not impact the functionality of your app.

Below is an outline of the included Collections and their Properties. The Collection name is bolded and includes a description. The Properties include their name, property type (in brackets), and a description.

Basic Collections & Properties

👥 Users

The Users Collection automatically comes with every Adalo app. This collection will hold all the information related to anyone who uses the app. This information is initially collected from a user when they sign up to use your app.

  • Email [Text] — the user’s email address.

  • Password [Encrypted] — the user’s password to log into the app. This cannot be viewed by anyone, including the administrator.

  • Username [Text] — the user’s username.

  • Full Name [Text] — the user’s first and last name.

  • Selected Image [Number] — the number associated with the photo that is selected when viewing larger.

  • Profile Photo [Image] — the user’s profile picture.

🖼️ Images

The Images Collection contains all the information related to images that can be viewed in a carousel.

  • Name [Text] — the name of the image.

  • Image [Image] — the picture.

Layout Settings

Each screen in the Image Gallery Feature Template is created using responsive design. The screens will look good on any device or tablet.

Most screens have been designed with Custom Layouts. If you add a new component to a screen, you might notice that the other screen sizes are impacted.

Layout Overview

To view or edit the layout for different screen sizes — click the Screen title to reveal the dropdown.

The default view for this template is Desktop. When you change the screen size for one screen in the Builder, it does not change the screen size of the rest of the screens on the canvas.

Hidden Components

In each view, there may be components that do not appear on Desktop, but are visible on Mobile. These are grayed out in the lefthand panel & denoted with an icon.

Another way to view which device components are visible on is the Layout Tab here:

Custom Layout

Some components come with custom layouts based on screen size. To view those settings, check the Layout Tab & scroll to the Custom Layout Settings.

Example Use Cases

  • A listing manager can showcase the best assets of a rental property.

  • A boutique owner can show off various angles of the latest fashion.

  • A personal trainer shows how to do an exercise through various images.

  • and many more!

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