Coaches Screen

The Coaches Screen displays all a users available coaches to book, as well as their individual schedule based on appointments that have already been booked.

When creating an Appointment Booking application, it is important to keep user experience top-of-mind. In this case, the Coaches screen creates a great jumping off point for a user to view all the available coaches to schedule with and their schedules appointments. This creates a very clear ‘next step’ for the user — either book a class or be reminded of an upcoming class.

The Components

Side Navigation

The Side Navigation component is used frequently across most, if not all, responsive feature templates. In this case, the most important piece is that Menu Item 5 is the ‘Active Menu Item.’

Book a Session Group

This group of components is made up of several text components and a list component.

The list is a list of users that is filtered by whether or not the property “Admin?” is TRUE. If a user is an Admin, that means they are also a coach & can offer appointments.

List Actions

  • Link Action to ‘Time Slots’ Screen

If there are not any coaches, in other words, no users that are marked as “Admin?” = TRUE in the database, then an empty state will display in place of the list.

The Empty State (no coaches available) utilizes custom visibility & a custom filter.

Your Schedule Group

The Your Schedule Group is conditionally visible with custom filters.

Here’s how to read those custom visibility rules & filters:

  • This group of components is sometimes visible.

  • The group of components will be visible IF the count of ALL APPOINTMENTS is greater than zero. This means that there is at least one Appointment in the Appointments Collection.

  • But also, the User ID of the person who booked the appointment must be equal to the User ID of the Logged In User. This ensures that the Logged In User has booked an appointment.

  • AND the Date & Time of the booked appointment is after the time that the user is looking at the list. This ensures that the list is only displaying future appointments, and not anything that may have already happened.

Additionally, the list has a filter on it to show the appointments that belong to the Logged In User that filter out any past appointments.

List Actions

  • Link Action to ‘Book Appointment’ Screen

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