Adalo Pricing: FAQs

Adalo has five different subscription options for makers to select from. This document will help makers understand our pricing plans & provide the most in-depth information about each plan.

Questions about Published Apps

What is a Published App?

Published apps are defined as meeting a few different requirements:

An app is marked as โ€˜publishedโ€™ within the Adalo Builder, which is a required step before sending your app to either App Stores (Apple or Google) or applying a custom domain.

An app (and any shared Adalo databases) can be published to a custom domain, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store โ€” this still counts as one published app.

The app has a unique database. Apps that share the same Adalo database also share a โ€œpublishedโ€ status.

**Apps using an External Database do not share "published" status and will be counted individually toward the plan limit.

What happens to my published apps if I reach limits on my current plan?

We do not want your end users to feel the impact of a limit being reached. Once you exceed the App Actions limit for your plan, we'll add a package of 15,000 additional app actions for $8. This happens each time you need more app actions.

For all other limits, including App Editors & Published Apps, you will have to opt-in to additional purchases when hitting an overage and your published app will not be affected. For example, if your plan allows 2 Published Apps and you wish to add a third, you add that additional purchase when you need the third published app.

What happens if I unpublish an app?

If your published app has been sent to Testflight, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store and you choose to unpublish it, the app will stop executing actions for your end users & will now be considered a โ€˜Test Appโ€™ in your account.

Questions about App Actions

What is an App Action?

App Actions represent a count of the activities end users take inside apps. For example, each time an end user interacts with your app through creating, updating, or deleting data โ€” each action is counted individually.

Monthly App Actions are counted across your entire account from each of the apps within your account that receive actions in that month.

Will I be notified if I'm approaching my plan limits?

Yes, we will send out an email when your account approaches the โ€˜App Actionsโ€™ limit on your current plan. We will notify you again each time your account has accrued an overage of App Actions.

Questions about Usage

Where can I see my current/previous usage (published apps, test apps, app actions, and editors)?

Usage metrics for your account can be viewed in Account Settings under Usage and Billing.

Can I add on published apps, app actions, or app editors a la carte if I reach my plan limit?

Yes! We offer the following add-on options for each paid plan:

Additional Published Apps: $25.00 per published app per month

Additional App Editors: $15.00 per app editor per month

Additional App Actions: $8.00 per 15,000 additional actions per month*

*App Actions will automatically add to your account as limits are reached. Each month, the limit is reset to your plan limit.

Do I need additional App Editors for users/testing for my test apps?

In short, no. App Editors are intended to be team members you would like to have edit access inside the Adalo Builder. For anyone who will help test your app, you can send them the โ€˜Share URLโ€™ to gain access to testing privileges.

General Pricing Questions:

Can I upgrade in the middle of my billing cycle? Will I be double-charged?

You can upgrade at any time during your billing cycle and our payments processor will take care of the billing prorations! You will not be double charged, and will only pay proportionate to your usage on your next invoice.

To upgrade your account, or switch to annual pricing in the middle of the cycle, please follow the steps on this page: Upgrade Your Adalo Account. If after upgrading, you feel like you have been charged incorrectly - please submit a support ticket and we will be very happy to take you through the charges and resolve any issues.

Will I get a partial refund if I downgrade or cancel plans in the middle of my billing cycle?

Downgrading to another paid plan

If you downgrade from one paid plan to another paid plan in the middle of your billing cycle, your prorated amount will be added to your Adalo account as non-expiring credits which will be used to pay for your future subscriptions.

These credits cannot be refunded to your payment method.

Cancelling to a Free Tier

Adalo subscriptions are auto-renew and per our Adalo | Terms of Use, we do not offer refunds for cancellations.

Even if you cancel a few days after your latest billing cycle, your subscription will be only cancelled at the end of the billing cycle, giving you a full month of service for your last billing period. Also see: How can I cancel or downgrade my account

What happens to my apps, data, and design version history if I downgrade plans?

If you move from an account with higher limits to an account with lower limits, you will be prompted to make changes to your account to fit within your new plan limits and/or pay for additional published apps and app editors. Your data & apps will still be available within the editor. Your design version history will not be accessible if you downgrade to a plan that does not include design version history.

Will historic design versions be available after I upgrade my account?

If you are on a plan that includes design version history, and downgrade to a free plan โ€” your design versions will remain if you decide to upgrade again in the future.

Do trial accounts include all features?

We are happy to offer a 14-day free trial to give you a chance to test some of our most popular premium features! This includes most features except for publishing to the app stores or a custom domain.

Does Adalo offer enterprise pricing?

Please reach out to our team to inquire about your custom pricing needs.

Does Adalo offer agency pricing?

Our Team & Business plans were designed specifically for freelancers & agencies that represent multiple clients. If you are interested in exploring custom pricing solutions beyond what is offered, please reach out to our team.

What happens if my account is downgraded for non-payment?

If your account is downgraded due to non-payment, you will lose any features included in your subscription.

  • Team Members

    • Add-on members will be removed from the Team and their access to Team apps will be removed.

    • In the event that access removed, only the Team Owner will be able to join and return access once the account is upgraded. Details on how to do this can be found in this help doc: Add Team Members to Your Adalo App

    • Only the Team Owner that the app is a part of can approve a transfer to another Team by reaching our to support.

  • Published apps

    • Will no longer work on their Custom Domain and you will no longer be able to create new builds for Native Apps.

    • Actions in those apps will not work.

    • Custom Actions will no longer work.

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