Adalo Pricing: FAQs
Adalo has five different subscription options for makers to select from. This document will help makers understand our pricing plans & provide the most in-depth information about each plan.

Questions about Published Apps

What is a Published App?
What happens to my published apps if I reach limits on my current plan?
What happens if I unpublish an app?

Questions about App Actions

What is an App Action?
Will I be notified if I'm approaching my plan limits?
Why do link actions count even if the destination screen doesn't hit the database?

Questions about Usage

Where can I see my current/previous usage (published apps, test apps, app actions, and editors)?
Can I add on published apps, app actions, or app editors a la carte if I reach my plan limit?
Do I need additional App Editors for users/testing for my test apps?

General Questions:

What happens to my apps, data, and design version history if I downgrade plans?
Will historic design versions be available after I upgrade my account?
Do trial accounts include all features?
Does Adalo offer enterprise pricing?
Does Adalo offer agency pricing?